Wake the World

On Monday, August 5, Dennis Moser, spent the day volunteering with Wake the World on Moss Lake outside of Shelby, NC. The ministry is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving neglected children, the handicapped and wounded warriors, the chance to experience live on the water, boating, skiing, tubing and more. With over 500 volunteer boats worldwide, it is the largest all-volunteer organization of its kind. 

Photo Credit John Clark/The Gaston Gazette

One of Monday’s participants, Jesse Mosley, got the chance to waterski side-by-side with Dennis and Shane Brinkle, despite the inability to use his legs. With the help of an adaptive water ski made specifically for the program and a few extra hands, Jesse was able to fly across the water. The smile on Jesse’s face and being able to provide an opportunity not easily accessible to the participants is a blessing to say the least. 

Photo Credit John Clark/The Gaston Gazette

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If you are interested in participating in a Wake the World event, check out their website at waketheworld.org.