Welcome to The Moser Group, Inc. Family – Andy’s Frozen Custard

Welcome to the family! The Moser Group, Inc. is excited to welcome Andy’s Frozen Custard.  

            Located at 9921 Rea Rd in Waxhaw, NC, Andy’s Frozen Custard is a drive-thru and walk-up only frozen custard franchise. Starting in Missouri in 1986, the Rea Rd location is one of only five locations in North Carolina. You can find the dessert-only franchise in 14 states across the US with over 85 locations and more under construction. 

            While there is a wide variety of menu options to choose from, Andy’s keeps it simple by serving only two flavors of frozen custard, chocolate and vanilla. Try a Concrete blended with your favorite toppings, a Jackhammer filled with hot fudge in the center, Malts, Floats, Banana Splits and more. Choose a creation off the menu or mix and match toppings to create your own. 

            What is frozen custard? Frozen custard is creamier than regular ice cream due to butterfat and a slow churn process which keeps air out. The sweet treat is made fresh every hour to ensure the best possible quality and brownies, shortcakes and cookies are baked fresh daily on-site. They use real fruits and not syrups or sauces when the real deal is an option. 

            Andy’s also serves old-fashioned sodas, soft drinks and fresh-brewed iced tea. Don’t forget to ask for a pup cone for your furry friend to enjoy! 

            Andy’s Frozen Custard guarantees satisfaction and prides itself on having the best employees. They are open daily at 11am until 11:30pm Sunday through Thursday and 12am on Friday and Saturdays. Visit their website here and follow them on Instagram @andysfrozencustard. Check them out and let us know what you think.