The Moser Group, Inc. Father-Son Duo

Josey and David Daniel

Fourteen years ago David Daniel joined The Moser Group as the “on-call” man for the Wash One car washes. During those times David would take his 8-year-old son Josey with him to make repairs. Now, 14 years later, Josey is the on-call man for Wash One and the father and son pair are coworkers.

Josey always knew he would follow in his father’s footsteps but not in the way it turned out today. David served in the army as an 82nd Airborne for 4 years and that’s what Josey thought he would end up doing, serving his country. Instead, he followed his dad’s footsteps in a different direction and began working at The Moser Group part-time in high school and continuing to post-graduation in 2019, turning into a full-time employee.

While it is a bonus that the two work very well together, it is even more special that they get to share memorable moments. While Josey was still in high school he and David used forestry equipment to clear the land at what is now Poplin Grove, a full subdivision. “It is very special to see years later it started from Josey and I clearing land and grinding stumps together,” said David. 

The two also speak very highly of one another. To David, Josey is a “shepherd leader,” meaning he guides his crew to make sure everyone is doing well and working where they are needed most. David describes Josey as very humble and someone he can count on to delegate and do things up to standard. To Josey, his favorite thing about his dad is that at any moment, good or bad, his dad’s sense of humor can make him laugh and brighten his day. 

The pair also spend time together out of the office, starting their morning off by drinking coffee in David’s kitchen while going over the work plans for the day. The two also enjoy doing anything outdoors, such as fishing and hunting, and have been on many offshore tuna fishing trips together.

Today, David is the Operations Manager of The Moser Group, Inc and spends most of his time on development sites overseeing the production of the maintenance team, making sure everything runs smoothly and according to plan while Josey is the head of the Wash One maintenance team. David and Josey are great Christian men who minister to many of their coworkers and clients. They are both great examples of The Moser Group’s mission statement. Both David and Josey are very passionate about their jobs and we are so lucky to have them both a part of The Moser Group team.